There have only been 2 late-night talk show hosts that I have ever really liked. Both of them were insane and it made their shows fun. Those hosts are Conan O'Brien and Craig Ferguson, but I'm more Team Coco. That doesn't mean Fallon, Leno, or Letterman aren't good but they don't compare to Conan with his big hair and slightly bigger personality.

Conan O'Brien on the Netflix Show Murderville

Conan pops up every once in a while in movies and TV shows, so when I saw that he was in the new Netflix Murderville show I had to check it out. Of course, he was hilarious on the show, especially since he had to ad-lib the entire thing since he wasn’t given a script. His quick wit was the star of the show and he even got in a subtle jab at Idaho.

To prepare for his appearance on the show as Todd Caringtonburgsonfield, O'Brien was only given a few notes and a small bit of guidance for his character. One bit of guidance he did receive was that when asked where he was from he should choose a state where nobody lives. His reply was a direct shot at our great state. We know some people don’t think Idaho exists or that Idaho is interchangeable with Iowa and Ohio. Conan took those misconceptions and it became the highlight of the show for me.

His telling of why magic is the devil’s tool is also hilarious:

His explanation of ‘death’ is pretty great too:

One more, just so you get really intrigued about the show. Here’s Conan eating spicy food:

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