One of southern Idaho's most celebrated holiday light displays will again fire up in 2020. Its been confirmed that on Thanksgiving Day (Nov 26), the Hansen address of 3048N / 3800E, will shine brighter than usual through the Christmas season.

I last walked the property of the Rock Creek General Store in all its holiday splendor in 2016. I remember because I had one of the worst bouts of influenza in my life.

Accompanied by my family and a raging fever, the combination of cold medicine and a thermos full of brandy-infused tea made the walk throughout the grounds feel like a scene from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." I held it together as best I could, and left for home afterwards happy that I'd joined my family on the adventure.

The lighting display is, of course, beyond impressive. The property has been a local favorite holiday outing for years. The community has been donating money each year to help with the cost of powering the property. There are a number of videos that have been shared on YouTube throughout the years that feature the remarkable display.

The last Facebook update from the Rock Creek hosts was posted December 20, 2019, in which they reminded the public that the lights are on from 5 PM to Midnight. I reached out on Tuesday to the hosts of the event, and inquired if they were planning on carrying through with the light show despite the pandemic.

"Yes. We sure are," was the response I got back from Facebook Messenger. "It starts Thanksgiving evening."

So, we can expect our first opportunity to walk the Rock Creek grounds to be November 26, at 5 PM. I can't wait!

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