Some people in Twin Falls appear to really want to stretch the Christmas season as far as they can. That makes sense since we sing about wanting the Christmas spirit to last all year long, but does that include Christmas decorations too? If you drive around Twin Falls, the answer is yes.

Don't Feel Embarrassed if You Still Have Christmas Decorations up in Twin Falls

Even if you do have your decoration up still, that’s fine. It’s still cold outside and nobody wants to spend extra time out there taking down decorations. Mine are still up and will be until spring.

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But the real reason you shouldn’t be embarrassed to still have your decorations up and Christmas lights plugged in: the City of Twin Falls does too. I was driving down Main Street and realized that the lights are still wrapped around the trees and plugged in and the snowflakes are still attached to the light poles. Though, to be honest I can’t remember if those stay up all year. But that's OK because the lights and decorations look beautiful.

Credit N8 Bird/Canva Template
Credit N8 Bird/Canva Template

Here's why February Christmas Decorations are OK in Twin Falls

I do have to admit that even though my lights are still up on my house and trees, they aren’t plugged in. If we get another heavy snowfall I will for sure turn them on again. I’m a firm believer that you can, and should, put up and take down the decorations when the weather is bearable.

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