I'm a super picky eater so when weird ingredients get added to normal recipes I can usually spot it pretty quick. Here are a few examples of my pickiness prowess:

One time I ordered a cheese quesadilla at a restaurant. As I'm eating it I suddenly, as my wife puts it, looked like I was going to puke. The cause of my disturbance? A tiny shred of lettuce was in the middle of my dang quesadilla. One tiny, gross, lettuce shred ruined my meal.

Early in our marriage, my wife was worried that I was going to die soon because I only eat good tasting food and not stuff that is good for me. So she bought the cookbook on how to hide vegetables in regular recipes. She tried the cauliflower mashed potatoes gimmick, which I noted before even taking a bite. She also tried adding in carrots to a pasta sauce. I busted her on that after bite number one. She even tried using some sort of 'healthier' agave sugar (or something like that) to make chocolate chip cookies. Again, I knew it and called her out for ruining a perfectly good recipe.

That may make me sound like a diva, and that's fine you can call me a food diva, but why do some people feel the need to add things to perfectly fine recipes? A chocolate chip cookie doesn't need Guatemalan flour or sugar from the belly of a unicorn. The recipe is simple but everyone seems to have a different way of making it. That's where the contest from Reynolds Kitchens® comes in with their latest contest. First of all though, they really missed an opportunity by not having Ryan Reynolds be part of the promotion of this. He's all about the crazy and odd commercials these days, like the one below. Watch it, you'll love it.

Despite the opportunity missed, Reynolds is looking for your cookie recipes that include a weird ingredient. They will then choose a winner to spend Christmas with the real Ryan Reynolds! Not really, but I just really want to send home the missed opportunity. The winner will actually be given $5,000 and be asked to then spend the month baking unique cookie recipes, with Ryan Reynolds. Except for the Ryan Reynolds part.

So if you have a weird cookie recipe and a desire to earn a bowl of dough this Christmas, you can submit your attempt at the Reynolds Kitchens website.

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