This is the kind of Governor we all need.  Someone who’ll defend your liberties instead of taking away your livelihood and demanding you wear a gag.  I first became aware of Kristi Noem when she was running for U.S. House of Representatives.  It was 2010 and it was the year of Tea Party Republicans.  Some big eastern newspaper did a story about the candidate.  There was a photograph of her working on her farm.

As I listened to her remarks I was impressed.  She’s a leader.

My first thought was she was self-reliant.  She spent the next eight years in the House and then got elected Governor of her home state of South Dakota.

She spoke over the weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference.  The reviews from conservative media are strong.  You can hear her remarks in the video posted lower on the page.  The first third to half of the presentation is about her reaction to the pandemic.  Which was laissez faire.  In other words, she did nothing.  Her state didn’t fail.  South Dakota’s health system didn’t collapse and the place has the nation’s lowest jobless rate.

Just after 12 minutes into the video, Governor Noem pivots.  She explains how the past year was a test run for the totalitarian woke mob.

As I listened to her remarks I was impressed.  She’s a leader.  If not Donald Trump in ’24, then I believe the GOP has some great talent available.  I favor Allen West but in recent weeks, Governor Noem and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul have grown in my estimation.  This country’s future is nothing but self-reliance.

Government will be so overburdened by debt, you’ll be on your own.  The woke mob will be disgraced and we’ll need people who can explain in plain terms how our forbearers managed against adversity.


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