I learn something new everyday. I just got done watching a YouTube video of a couple sightseeing in the Magic Valley, and their mode of transportation throughout Twin Falls is standing on electric unicycles. The video immediately made me want to learn more.

The video I am writing about was released June 6 on the channel of Sara and Jacob. Until today, I had never heard of an electric unicycle. Apparently, a company called REV Rides (Recreational Electric Vehicles) makes them, and these things are incredible. They range in price from about $800 to $2,000, and some models come with a carrying case and Bluetooth speakers.

Another cool thing about these electric unicycles is you can take them off-road. They have interchangeable tires that allow for trail riding. The couple in the video can be seen scooting about on trails near the Perrine Bridge. They also visit some area lookout platforms and waterfalls on these unicycles. Throw a backpack on with some food, and take off. The idea is really cool, and has me wishing I had a couple grand to blow on one.

Sites like DHGate.com also sell similar models. It's a perfect mode of recreational transportation for anyone that enjoys the outdoors, but doesn't want a workout in the process. The unicycles charge at a docking station much like an electric automobile.

I can see these things being available to reserve in downtown cities such as Boise. They already have the electric scooters in the city, so I think it's just a matter of time before we see people zipping around on electric unicycles.

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