Twin Falls Shotokan Karate credit Facebook
Twin Falls Shotokan Karate credit Facebook

Maybe you have the drive and desire to learn karate? Put that drive into action and enroll in the upcoming karate classes at CSI. There are classes for all ages and abilities starting next week. Adult classes begin on January 20th and are led by 3rd degree black-belt, and all around awesome guy, Jesse Clark. For the kids, classes begin on January 19th led by instructor, and all around awesome lady, Crissie Gard. Yes, I'm biased, my wife and kids are all enrolled in their karate classes and I love watching them learn and grow. Enroll online or by calling (208) 732 6288.

If you haven't been watching Cobra Kai on Netflix, you really should. Now, if you have been watching it, are you team LaRusso or team Johnny? My wife and I have watched all the episodes and we often talk about the differences in Miyago Do and Cobra Kai and the teaching styles and personalities of each Sensai. My wife is all about the Miyagi Do way and she thinks LaRusso is the best. I, on the other hand am team Johnny at Cobra Kai. I can relate to his ignorance and desire to do what he thinks is best in the moment. I really think he's a better person than Daniel Son who just comes off as arrogant and pretentious. That's something I would never say to his face because that 60 year old dude could destroy me.

But, all the talk about who we relate to and which dojo we like better is pretty much a null conversation because I have no actual desire to get punched in the face. I do like the idea of knowing karate but my drive isn't there.

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