Somehow I missed this great Disney short back in 2013 where Idaho becomes the Potato Land Theme Park. The short video is actually a great story about friends going the extra mile to help each other, which also seems like a very Idaho thing to do.

Disney Potato Land Theme Park

In the video you can see Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy (who looks a lot more like a hobo than I remember as a kid) in a car together. Donald and Mickey aren't very excited about the trip, but Goofy is over the moon excited to visit Potato Land. He's dreamed of going there since he was a kid and his dream is about to come true, but only thanks to some hard work from his friends.

It turns out that Potato Land is actually Idaho and no theme park exists, Goofy was just confused. Donald and Mickey don't want to shatter his dreams so they pull an all-nighter creating the Potato Land theme park just so Goofy can go there.

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They build the park out of potatoes and gravy and include rides and a main-street.

Potato Land Is An Awful Lot Like Disney Land

There's another video on YouTube that dives in to how similar Potato Land is to the real Disney Land.

The sign, roller coaster, castle, and many rides are all extremely similar to the ones found at Disney theme parks.

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