Halloween is an awesome holiday! You get to party, dress up in costumes, and eat a bunch of candy! The only thing that could be better is if you dress in costumes for Christmas too.

This year was a good one for the kids because they dressed up in their costumes, went out to do some trick or treating, and then went to a Halloween party with even more candy and cake and ice cream!

When all the fun is done and the kids have their first gut rot/stomach ache from the candy (probably before you are even done trick or treating) how long before you take the candy away and start rationing it out to them?

Saturday morning the kids were up before the parents (we slept in way late!) so they found their candy and had begun the eating and trading. When we finally rolled out of our sugar induced comas to try to control the aftermath of Halloween, we took their bags of candy and put them in a safe place so we could monitor and control the rest of their sugar intake.

Do you even try to control their intake - or do they get free reign over their Halloween candy until it is gone?