There are a lot of ways to look at this latest suggestion from doctors - stop vacuuming your houses. The story states that doctors, plural, are saying this but I feel like it was probably just one doctor with a very dirty house looking for an excuse to not clean.

Where do we go with that? First of all you have to read the comments on the KTVB Facebook post above. Parents and children who hate house work could really rejoice at the doctor saying 'don't do housework'. There is even a comment there that states they aren't going to do dishes either for fear of stirring up dust - we should all probably just sit on the couch and listen to the radio and not move.

If this doctor is serious and there is a danger in vacuuming how come that doesn't apply to walking on the carpet and sweeping floors? That would stir up dust to. Or, wouldn't it be good to vacuum up the dust? Don't most new bag-less vacuums catch all the particles?

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