I was just in Yellowstone about two weeks ago and it was amazing. We had such a cool experience seeing bears, elk, bison, and for some reason my kids were also super excited about the chipmunks. My oldest son though, seen above giving a hearty thumbs-up, was obsessed with the idea of the super volcano exploding and how far it would reach and how much damage it would cause. Real exciting stuff when you are walking the very area that would be most affected.


Maybe he was on to something though since there was just an earthquake near Old Faithful and another earthquake near the Yellowstone and Montana border. The earthquake near Old Faithful was about 50 kilometers south of the geyser and registered at 3.5. The earthquake happened yesterday, August 15th, around 7:26 PM. The second earthquake happened between the north border of Yellowstone and Helena, Montana. That one happened this morning just after midnight and registered at 4.2.

Could you imagine being out there and the earth starts shaking? I was about 20 feet (accidentally) from a bear on one of our Yellowstone hikes and I didn't really freak out. If the earth was shaking and I was standing over the Yellowstone Caldera...I guarantee then I would freak out! Granted, the strength of a 3.5 earthquake isn't normally something that would normally cause concern. I've been in Utah and Nevada during similar strength quakes and didn't know the Nevada one had happened until after the fact and the one in Utah just caused the metal TV antenna (yes we used rabbit ears back then) to shake a bit. Still - any earth shaking in Yellowstone is scary shaking.