Every year, millions of tourists visit Yellowstone National Park and every year there are vehicular accidents with large animals.

Yellowstone Reveals How Many Animals Were Hit In The Park Last Year

Of the more than 4 million visitors to Yellowstone National Park last year, there were only 56 reported accidents between vehicles and large mammals. While an ideal number would be zero I did expect the number to be higher. The accidents reported involved 20 mule deer, 14 elk, 10 bison, and 6 black bears.

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Some accidents can’t be avoided with that kind of congestion on the roads of the park, but some accidents were caused by tourons who were in a hurry or not paying attention. You can’t help it if you are stuck in a bison traffic jam and one of the big boys decides to ram your car but you can drive slowly and not provoke the animals. On the Facebook page for Yellowstone National Park, they posted a few tips to help visitors best avoid accidents and leave the park safely after a visit.

Tips On How To Stay Safe From Vehicular Accidents In Yellowstone National Park

There are 5 tips on the Facebook post from Yellowstone including staying alert, driving the speed limit, using extra caution at night, not parking on the roads, and knowing road conditions before you head out.

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If you are planning a visit to Yellowstone this year, maybe a quick trip for spring break, you can check on road conditions anytime online. Currently, all the roads into Yellowstone are only open to snowmobiles and snowcoaches except for the two north entrances until mid-March.

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