It seems like we write about how great Idaho is at least once every week. There truly is so much beauty and adventure to take in. There is an online video series on the Visit Idaho Facebook page called Epic Idaho and in the final segment they take on some of the best parts of Idaho.

The video is stunning and the two guys in the series seems to be really enjoying their camping and hiking adventures. You can see them camp out under the night sky in Stanley as stars circle above. There is a cool mountain bike trail that they take in Ketchum and then sample some of the delicious cuisine at a local restaurant. They then visit one of the claims to fame for Ketchum, the Ernest Hemmingway museum.

A trip to Idaho wouldn't be complete without a trip to Craters of the Moon. I went to Craters a few years ago and wasn't impressed but these guys show some great caves and trails that I didn't see when I went. Maybe I'm due for another visit!

They don't make it to The Magic Valley in this video but you can see some good Shoshone Falls video in the intro.

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