Normally in Idaho, we watch for beauty in the trees, lakes, and other Earth-based creations but this weekend you’ll want to look up to see what the Solar System has planned. Sadly, this weekend does not include another viewing of the Northern Lights in Idaho there will be a few brilliant sights to see.

How to See Shooting Stars and a Brilliant Full Moon This Weekend Over Idaho

If you missed the glorious lights of the Aurora Borealis recently, you probably have a fear of missing out on the next big celestial event. Here’s what you need to look for and how to see it so you can be part of the important office conversations next week. The weekend night sky events begin with a full moon tonight. The first full moon in May is called the Flower Moon to coincide with the blooming of flowers and blossoms on trees. As the Moon rises from the east it will be a beautiful orange and fill the sky with light.

The Full Moon will look beautiful, but it could cause an issue for another of the great events to look for this weekend: shooting stars from a meteor shower.

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The Full Moon will make it difficult to see many of the shooting stars from the eta Aquariids. These meteors are remnants from the tail of the famous Hailey’s Comet. The American Meteor Society goes into more detail on the cause of the meteor shower and the history of Hailey’s Comet. CNN notes that due to the full moon, the best time to watch for shooting stars will be close to dawn rather than the middle of the night.

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Idaho is home to the famous Dark Sky Preserve, Craters of the Moon National Monument, but heading to any dark sky location won’t help you see anything extra this weekend since the full moon will make a dark sky location a lit location.

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