I know many of us have entrusted Facebook and other social media entities with some pretty personal information, but how much do you really trust them? Do you trust Facebook enough to send them nudes? Because in a totally not creepy frat boy way that is what Facebook is suggesting. You send them the dirty pictures first and they'll make sure a vengeful ex or disgusting hacker doesn't post them online.

Here's another instance in my life where I am glad that I live in such a way that I don't need to worry about this! I'm not saying it is wrong to have photos of yourself on your phone or send them to a significant other - that's up to you - but I am saying that they can't upload pictures that don't exist.

It wasn't more than a few months ago that Facebook was being investigated for sharing users personal information with outside sources. So, go ahead and trust them if you want. An ABC article says Facebook claims that if you send them the pictures now they can then use them to stop similar photos from being uploaded. Basically, you sen them the dirty picture and then if someone tries to post that picture they won't allow it.

Don't be fooled now if you get a message from someone saying they work for Facebook and they ask you to 'Send nudes'. That probably really is some creepy frat boy.

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