There always seems to be a good reason to get out of your house and check out the Idaho skies. Last week there was the landspout south of Twin Falls. Idaho is also among the top states for UFO sightings. The truth is out there Scully. And, Idaho was one of the prime places to be at the last solar eclipse in 2017. This weekend brings another cool reason to look up at the night sky. We'll be getting the last Blue Moon of the decade on Saturday night. A Blue Moon isn't something that is super rare but 'once in a blue moon' implies that it is special. What makes it special is that it is the second full moon in any month. There is also a seasonal Blue Moon when 4 full moons happen in a single season, the third full moon is called a Blue Moon. That is the case this weekend. Our childhood definition, thinking it would actually turn blue, is a lot cooler than reality.

The Weather Channel says that a Blue Moon happens about every 2.7 years. WC also says this moon is called a Full Flower Moon because now is when flowers are in bloom. They'll be showing a live video stream on their Facebook page Saturday night if our Twin Falls weather doesn't allow an outdoor viewing.

Accuweather calls this full moon by other nicknames too; Hare Moon, the Milk Moon and the Budding Moon. In February we had the Super Snow Moon and just three years ago we had the once in a lifetime Strawberry Moon.

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