When Fall rolls around, you really have a ton of outdoor fun options. You could check out the foliage as it changes color, or even do a haunted house, corn maze, or a straw maze.

What is the best thing to do with your time? Fall leaves are in their own category and so are haunted houses, but when it comes to a corn maze or a hay bale maze, I'm inclined to say the hay is better. Watching the video almost feels like you are in a video game!

Sure, there are some awesome corn mazes out there, but last night we did our first hay maze and it was awesome! With a corn maze, if you get lost you can cheat and cut through the corn rows. With a hay maze, you actually have to finish the maze. The walls were 8 feet tall and solid. Also, with a corn maze you can see through the corn and around the corners, so it is harder to scare someone. When there is a bale of hay in the way, it is much easier to sneak around corners and put some fear into whoever may be there. The kids had a ton of fun and the maze was pretty challenging with many wrong turns made.

There was also a lot to do besides the maze. Tubbs Berry Farm has an animal petting zoo, bounce houses, pumpkins and honey for sale, and the corn cannon and pumpkin slingshot were really fun!

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