It is Halloween week and while getting a cat just to have the perfect witch costume accessory isn't a good idea, getting a cat for a long-term loving companion is a good idea. Especially since this week, the cat adoptions are free at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Through November 2, 2019, with an approved application you could find a new best friend, or two. We wrote about the animal shelter last week because they have been so full of cats and dogs that they have run out of space. But their need goes beyond even just last week. More than two months ago they posted to Facebook they were in desperate need of adoption families but they especially needed families that could foster the kittens.

Now those kittens are grown up and need forever homes plus the regular, constant influx of animals coming to the shelter, means a kitty cat overload is happening. They even have a cat named Squirrel right now ready to be adopted. Hopefully, that doesn't mean the dogs chase her like a squirrel. Speaking of dogs, the Twin Falls Animal Shelter is loaded with canines too.

If you are looking at adopting a dog, it could actually be a good thing for your health. A recent study found that people who owned dogs lived longer than those without a dog in their life. Since having a pet usually forces/encourages you as an owner to be more active playing and teaching your pet it has a positive impact on your health.

Animals can also bring a lot of joy to your life through companionship and sometimes just being really silly and entertaining. Check out this cat as it watches a horror movie for Halloween.

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