We recently wrote about two new Arctic Circle locations opening up in Southern Idaho and while that is great news, I think we were most excited that it would be easier to get fry sauce in those areas. Fry sauce is amazing and you'd think everyone loves it. This may sound like blasphemy, but apparently fry sauce isn't the most popular sauce in Idaho. *insert audible gasp* I know, that seems like a pretty crazy claim to me too.

Zippia gathered data on American's saucy searches to determine which sauce is disproportionately popular in each state. I would have bet money that here in Idaho and Utah that is would be fry sauce, and I would have lost that bet. Our blood runs red and so does our favorite sauce.

Ketchup credit Zippia
Ketchup credit Zippia

Ketchup was named as our favorite in Idaho, and I won't argue that it is an essential and widely used sauce. But, given the choice between ketchup and fry sauce, don't you always grab fry sauce if that's an option? I know people who drown their burgers in fry sauce, so it isn't just for french fries.

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There was another story that came out a few years ago and in that one fry lost also lost, but that time it was to ranch dressing. Which is again another solid choice to lose against.

Maybe this is the year for fry sauce to become king though. There is a predicted shortage and price climb for ketchup due to the pandemic. Now is the time for fry sauce to shine triumphant.

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