With all the stories coming out of Yellowstone National Park recently of tourist interactions with wildlife and the destruction from flooding, I needed some funny wildlife videos today. That’s when I got to thinking about 2 specific videos of bears that always make me laugh. Hopefully, they make you at least smile today too.

Bear Gets Hit In The Groin By A Hose

I’ve watched this video dozens of times and it always gets funnier each time. I’m actually laughing now just thinking about it. It happened back in 2015 and it features a big boy bear messing with a hose attached to a fence. About halfway through the video the hose snaps and the bear gets a solid shot to the groin from it. The comments are hilarious, so make sure to read some of those as you watch the video on replay too.

Bear Fights Man Like A Human Boxer

The second hilarious bear video is actually kind of a cheat. When I first saw it, I was 20 seconds in before I started questioning if it was real or not. Turns out it’s a fake fight made as an advertisement for a fish company, but it’s still one of the funniest bear videos on the internet.

Funny Bear Videos

I just realized that both the videos are hilarious because the bear gets hit in the nuts. Maybe I'm not as mature as I'm supposed to be.

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I wish there were more funny animal videos coming out of our National Parks and less of the touron adventures in danger, pain, and injury. But I don’t have a magical genie lamp I only have 2 hilarious bear videos to make me smile.

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