Is Yellowstone National Park becoming more dangerous or are we, as human visitors, becoming the problem?

3 People Gored By Yellowstone Bison This Season

In the last 30 days, there have been 3 reported gorings from bison in Yellowstone National Park. Sometimes these incidents are unavoidable. With the latest goring, it was reported by NBC that the woman was approaching her car and was unaware of the bull bison waiting nearby. Other accidents are less accidental as tourists are caught approaching too close to wildlife to get a better view.

For those instances where the touron seems to deserve the pain dished out by the national park wildlife, there is a Facebook group dedicated to sharing those stories.

Facebook Group For Yellowstone Idiots

Yellowstone National Park: Invasion of The Idiots! is a group I recently started following. I know it’s bad, but hearing stories about the constant tourist accidents has become entertaining. Like watching a true-crime series or a trainwreck. You know bad things are happening, but you are captivated by the dumb actions of some people.

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How To Avoid Wildlife Accidents In Yellowstone

Not all the posts in the group are bashing tourist accidents. Many of them are really just funny pictures or stories. One video they recently shared was of a bison walking through a field with markings on his side of human stick figures like a fighter pilot would have after shooting down enemy jets.

What Is A Safe Distance From Yellowstone Wildlife

If you do plan a trip to Yellowstone, please remember the rules of safety around wildlife. Stay 150 feet away from predator animals like bears and 75 feet from most other wildlife, including elk and bison.

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