The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is loaded up with adoptable cats and kittens right now. So if you have been thinking about getting your crazy cat lady starter kit going before summer arrives, or you are just looking for a fuzzball friend, now is a great time to get to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Reservations are still required to adopt and see the animals at the shelter until June 1st when they will begin allowing up to 10 people in the building at a time. They have a new batch of adoptable kittens and just posted adorable pictures to their Facebook page.

There are also nearly a dozen new cat pictures posted.

Not all the cats at the shelter are ready for adoption though, they currently have two tiny kittens that need bottle-fed and the shelter is looking for capable foster homes for them until they are bigger and stronger.

Of course, your new best friend could also be a dog. The new pictures of adoptable canines show a variety of sizes and personalities ready to be welcomed into their forever homes.

If you already have your furry best friend and are looking for fun ways to get outdoors that are dog friendly, we have a new list of the best easy hikes to do around Twin Falls. Most of these hikes are perfect for families with dogs especially the Olde Town Rock Creek Parkway, Canyon Rim Trail, and Pike Mountain Loop.

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