If someone were to come to visit Southern Idaho and ask 'where should I go hike?' you could easily just point in any direction and there is bound to be some trail or adventure that way.

Where Are The Best Trails In Southern Idaho

Not all trails are marked in Southern Idaho and not all are easy. Around Idaho, there are a number of trails up to the peaks of the tallest mountains that are only conquered by a select few intrepid hikers. For the rest of us, we look to get outdoors but not put our health or families at risk. For those types of hikes you can go to the AllTrails website and pull up 16 easy-to-moderate trails you can do in an afternoon with the family. This will save you a lot of time searching for good trails and how to get there.

  • Snake River Canyon Rim Trail: Rated as easy, this trail is paved and runs along the Snake River canyon rim for 12.3 miles.
  • Perrine Coulee Falls: Rated as extremely easy, this trail has a few options for hiking ranging from only a few yards up to two miles.
  • Mogensen Trail: Rated as easy and running 2.2 miles into the Snake River Canyon. Once at the bottom, you can see the landing site for the BASE jumpers.
  • Auger Falls Loop: Rated as easy, you can bike or walk the trail to see the waterfall and river.
  • Pillar Falls: Rated as moderate, this short 1.1-mile hike takes you down the wall of the Snake River Canyon to the beautiful Pillar Falls. This area is also accessible by boat or kayak.
  • Eagle Loop: Rated as easy and just 2.4 miles in distance in the South Hills. The hike features scenery, wildlife, and a river.
  • Ross Falls: Rated as a short and extremely easy hike in the South Hills - as long as you take the right trail. Many accidentally head away from the falls but this story shows you exactly how to get there. If you hike for more than 15 minutes, you have gone the wrong way as the trail is only .4 miles.
  • Old Towne Rock Creek Parkway: Rated as easy with many in and out locations. You can walk or bike and the trail also features a disc golf course near the Rock Creek Park section.
  • Magic Mountain Ski Area: Rated as a moderate hike through the South Hills near the Magic Mountain Ski Resort. The hike includes beautiful views, and wildlife, and is close to many other trails and a river.
  • Pike Mountain Loop: Rated as moderate and 5.2 miles. The trail is used for hiking, running, and mountain biking, plus dogs are allowed.
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I'd add my favorite of all hikes, Box Canyon, to the list if you are looking for something a little less easy yet beautiful. Some trails are longer than others, so take that into account for who you'll be traveling with. There is even a mobile app to aid you on your travels but you do have to sign up to see more than a few trails. Make sure you bookmark this story for easy access to all the trails.

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