We recently had the chance to stand up for our local hospital heroes as it was announced that they would be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine or lose their jobs. Now we may have to stand up for our national heroes as it has been announced that the United States government plans to require all active-duty military get the vaccine by mid-September.

Pentagon Plans To Require Active Duty Military Get Vaccine

USNews, and many other news outlets, are reporting that a memo has been sent out to all employees of the Department of Defense, including active duty, civilian, and contracted workers, that the COVID-19 vaccine will be required because:

They will protect you and your family. They will protect your unit, your ship, and your co-workers. And they will ensure we remain the most lethal and ready force in the world. Get the shot. Stay healthy. Stay ready.

The plan was presented by the Pentagon and has been endorsed by President Biden. Active military members would be expected to get the vaccine by mid-September or sooner if the vaccines are approved by the FDA.

You can read the entire memo from the Secretary of Defense at Fox News.

Is It Safe To Require Active Military Be Vaccinated?

The same questions arise with requiring active military get the vaccine as we heard when local hospitals announced the same requirement for hospital workers:

  • Is the vaccine safe, and if so why is it not FDA approved?
  • Some still get COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated, so why require it?
  • Is the lack of knowledge about long-term effects (and side effects) of the vaccine worth the risk of requiring a specific group get it?

Basically, it comes down to the question: is it fair to require a group put something into their body that they may not feel is safe or necessary or is that all part of having a job? Will there be the same backlash if our military heroes are required to get vaccinated as there has been with the hospital heroes?

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How do you feel about the vaccine being required by the government or businesses?

Signs Of Support At Twin Falls Vaccine Mandate Rally

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