Almost every holiday has its own delicious candy. Christmas brings us candy canes, Thanksgiving is candy corn, Valentine's gives us candy hearts, Easter is chocolate eggs. When it comes to Halloween though, that Trick Or treat bag is always full of so much good candy! With the exception of those peanut butter taffy things. Each house you Trick Or treat at gives you a different delicious treat - suckers, candy bars, bubble bum, gummy candies, tootsie rolls, hard candy, and so much more! What is your favorite Halloween candy? Take the Intermountain Martial Arts sponsored poll and get 5,000 KOOL Klub points. Remember to join us at Trick Or treat On Bish's Street to show off your costume and get a load of candy. Plus for your own Halloween parties or events, check out our previous posts! And...don't forget to brush your teeth :)