This pandemic has changed pretty much everyone's lives. Some things have actually been good changes, I get to tell my kids to wash their hands a lot more and there have been less tiny hand marks on the walls of my house lately. We have become more aware of germs and are (hopefully) being more actively aware of what we touch. Some of us get to work from home and that can be a great thing or a bummer depending on how much you like your coworkers. Other things have been a catch-22, specifically our daily hygiene routines. Sure it has been nice to work almost everyday in less than work appropriate clothes and not comb my hair until 5pm some days. While that can be nice it has also been bad when a kid has an emergency at school and I have to run out in public looking disheveled. I wish I could say that I'm the only one with this problem, but I am clearly not.

There is a website, People Of Walmart, dedicated to the people who go out not caring about their appearance. I used to look through some of these pictures and, yes, some are ridiculous. Others are something that you would see regularly these days. It seems more likely now that you will see someone out in public looking like they just rolled out of bed at 3pm in baggy sweats and a Tweety Bird shirt. I have to assume that in many cases that other hygiene tasks have also been forgotten. Is deodorant and toothpaste still something we use everyday? Do we shower less because we don't have plans? Have we given up on hygiene during this pandemic?

I'll admit that some days I check off all those boxes and other days I'm more likely to be featured on People Of Walmart. Which is crazy since we are in a pandemic we should be doing more hygiene care than any other time. Then again this is 2020 and nothing makes sense.

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