A Magic Valley resident recently became a garbage man and is sharing with the community what he’s learned in his first month on the job. His knowledge includes tips on how and where to place your trash cans, what to do if you have too much trash, and how to avoid having the bins get knocked over.

Magic Valley Garbage Man Shares Helpful Tips For Trash Pickup

The helpful information was shared by Joshua Gabert on the Magic Valley Rants and Raves Facebook page, which is definitely a group you should be following. He explains that he only recently became a trash collector and has learned some things that the public probably doesn’t know or think about, but needs to know. You can read his very well-written post on Facebook or check out the summary below.

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7 Tips For A Better Trash Pickup Experience

Joshua is a driver for Western Waste Services and is sharing this information with the hope that the public will use the new knowledge to their benefit. He also notes that even if you don’t use what you learn he will still do his job and gather your trash, but it would be nice if we all made some of these changes. First I'll add something he didn't mention: make sure all your trash is in bags. When the Idaho wind inevitably blows over your garbage can, less of it will blow away if you have it properly contained.

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash
Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

Give The Garbage Truck Space

There are a lot of narrow roads and alleys in the Magic Valley and that space can get extra tight with a large garbage truck. Try to keep your cans off the driving area.

They Can’t Take Everything On Trash Day

If you put a couch or a mattress out by the garbage can they won’t take it on trash day. That doesn’t mean they won’t take it though. You can call the trash service provider to schedule pickup of large items

Why Do Some Trash Bins Get Knocked Over

If you notice that your trash can is always tipped over after being emptied, there are a few reasons. You may be placing your cans on uneven ground so try to find or make a level area. The garbage truck may be old and the grabber arms might not be as smooth as when they were new. This could cause them to jerk and knock over your cans. If you have multiple bins, leave space between them so the grabber arm has room to move.

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash
Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Face Your Trash Cans Towards The Road

For your trash can to fully empty, the trash can lid has to be able to open. When you put your bins out by the road make the as straight facing as possible to ensure that the can gets fully emptied.

Don’t Put Your Trash Can By Your Car

As noted in the previous tip, the trucks need space for the grabber arm to do its job. Don’t place your trash bins right next to your car or you might accidentally get a love tap from the truck.

Get Another Garbage Bin If You Consistently Have Too Much Garbage

Additional garbage cans are available if you regularly find yourself with too much trash. You can even get pink cans that help in the fight against breast cancer.

Credit Western Waste Services Facebook
Credit Western Waste Services Facebook

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