When an accident happens on a highway, it can cause a real issue for those involved and other drivers. If the wreck is bad enough and the vehicles can’t move out of the way it can cause traffic to back up for miles and take hours to clear the roads.

Utah Trooper Uses His Car as a Bulldozer to Help Clear a Crash

One Utah Trooper from the Highway Patrol decided to take control of a situation and used his car as a bulldozer plow to clear an incapacitated car from the road. He’s seen pushing the broken car across at least 2 lanes of traffic, with the help of a police truck behind him with flashing lights to warn other drivers. There is also another white vehicle pulled off to the side of the road in the ditch and a vehicle pulling a trailer is seen stopped further down the road.

Check out the video and see if anyone with eagle eyes can tell where the accident happened.

Where Did the Accident Happen in Utah and Is There More to the Story

If you have traveled through Salt Lake City to Draper on I-15, you have probably seen the structure outside the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. In the crash video, you can see that odd structure in the distance, which means the accident happened right before exit 291 for 12300 South.

Credit Facebook/Canva
Credit Facebook/Canva

There isn’t a date stated for when the accident happened, but it was posted less than a week ago and the road conditions match up to what was happening in Utah recently with the slick layer of snow on the highway.

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I almost left this story at the video, but then I clicked the link to the original story by the guy who posted the video. If you want to get REALLY WEIRD, check out his version of what happened after the cop cleared the accident. I’ll tell you this: there is hidden treasure involved and a secret to the cause of the wreck.

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