Drunk driving in Idaho is an issue all year, but during the holiday season, impaired driving really doesn’t mix well with the wintery roads. The 100 Deadliest Days of Summer are dangerous due to the higher number of drivers on the roads in the summer, but the holiday season from now through New Year’s Day is extremely dangerous and Idaho Police plan on stopping impaired drivers from ruining the holiday for themselves and other drivers.

Idaho Police Plan to Stop Impaired Drivers From Ruining Christmas

To get the increased number of impaired drivers off Idaho roads, the Idaho State Police has teamed up with the Idaho Transportation Department and more than 50 other Idaho law enforcement agencies to increase efforts to remove drunk and impaired drivers from the streets. Officers will be actively patrolling the streets looking for dangerous drivers from today through New Year’s Day.

A press release from the ISP quoted the Director of the ISP saying:

Embodying an unwavering dedication to public safety, law enforcement agencies across the region stand united in the collective responsibility of preventing impaired driving and saving lives. Our collaborative enforcement efforts serve as a potent deterrent, leaving no room for doubt that impaired driving is unacceptable. Make the right choice for the well-being of others - never drive impaired.

The press release also shares data that alcohol-related accident fatalities have risen more than 14 percent recently. Idaho saw 1,818 impaired driving accidents last year in which 110 people were killed.

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Impaired Drivers Are Just Like the Grinch and Want to Ruin Christmas in Idaho

Don’t be a Grinch this year. If you plan to drink, don’t drive. The ISP has reported numerous alcohol-related accidents this year which resulted in fatalities. A young driver was arrested in September after his alcohol-impaired driving resulted in the death of a 37-year-old man. A motorcycle driver was driving impaired and was killed after running through a stop sign and being struck by a van. Other alcohol-related accidents happened in Lewiston in April, Lincoln County in July, and Latah County in July.

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