This pandemic has been going on for around seven months. That is seven months of changes, unexpected news, working from home, and learning about the scary things our world has to offer. Basically seven months of not good news. But this time I'm a little surprised by a good thing I didn't know about. Scented face masks are a real thing and I've spent a whole pandemic not knowing about them.

The only reason I now know about scented masks is because Hormel is doing a contest stunt where they are giving away a bacon scented mask. PS, after I read about their contest I cooked some bacon and hung a mask over the stove to 'capture' the bacon smell and it did not work, so your best bet is probably to win the Hormel contest.

I'm sure there is a real science to getting the smells just right and not being gross, wrong, or overpowering. I've even tried a light spritz of Febreeze on a mask and that proved to be too much for my sensitive nostrils. It also doesn't appear that you can get scented masks easily in Twin Falls, which is a real bummer. I'm in the group of people who hates wearing a mask but will wear it in public for the sake of others. Knowing that I could be smelling something delicious while I mask makes the chore seem a little less horrible.

While I wasn't able to find scented masks at stores in Twin Falls, you can buy them and sprays online or there are a number of videos online that show you the science way to get a good smelling mask.

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