It use to be growing up, that if someone wore a mask over their face, it was assumed they were up to no good or potentially robbing a place. To wear one on an airplane was seen as a red flag and drew attention. It use to be against the law to enter a bank with a mask on, but it has become a rule in the last couple of years to wear one to enter certain locations, especially if you aren't vaccinated. As COVID numbers begin to rise again and the Omicron variant sweeps across the globe, should wearing a mask be mandatory everywhere?

Wearing A Mask in Idaho

Wearing a mask in Idaho was never mandatory and was never enforced the first time around, but should it have been? While the vaccine is supposed to lower effects, it does not stop the spread of the disease. Lately, it appears that more and more people have begun to wear masks again.

When I first arrived in Twin Falls, nobody had them on but a select few, but this last weekend I noticed a significant amount of people had chosen to wear them once again. Everyone should be able to make their choice, but to stop the spread of the virus or even to avoid the flu this season, wearing a mask is not a bad idea.

 Choosing To Wear A Mask

Credit: Xingyue HUANG on Unsplash
Credit: Xingyue HUANG on Unsplash

While most people prefer the freedom to wear a mask and are respectful of what others around them choose to do, it is important to remember not to discriminate or hold it against people that do or do not wear a mask. Some people wear them for different reasons, while others do not wear them for their own decisions as well. Each person has their beliefs and reasons, but it is up to everyone to not judge or force their beliefs onto other people. 

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There is no right or wrong way to avoid and fight COVID. The facts are that there are over 500 new cases in Jerome and Twin Falls county in the last two weeks and the way you choose to fight it is up to you. Masks will help limit the spread, but there is no way to fully stop it. Should it be mandated to wear them? That is up for you to decide, but as long as people use good judgment and reasoning, I believe let people make their own choices and be respectful of what others choose. Support one another and let's beat this disease together. 

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