First of all - yes, companies are creepily keeping tabs on what you buy and you just have to deal with that. Now, because they are watching us (and probably listening too) we know what flavor of ice cream is the most popular in Idaho, and it is pretty surprising.

Idaho Fave Ice Cream via Mashable
Idaho Fave Ice Cream via Mashable

Mashable created a map based on buyer info from the mobile credit card company Square. According to the buying habits of Square users the favorite ice cream flavor in Idaho is Coffee. I refuse to believe that. There are so many other great all the other flavors. So here's what I think. Coffee won in Idaho because of availability at businesses using Square. In my mind those businesses would be aimed at a younger generation who understand that you can safely swipe your credit card on a strangers phone and transfer money. I also think (yes I'm generalizing) that a lot of millennial hipsters love coffee and technology. Yes - I'm blaming hipsters for the results of this study. Now give me a plain chocolate cone and get off my lawn.

July was National Ice Cream Month and there were some great ice cream related events in Twin Falls but if you need a new excuse to eat ice cream, remember that tomorrow is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

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