Some people hate Christmas music, and that blows my mind. How can you not like Christmas songs? I get not liking them before Thanksgiving or not liking them non-stop up to Christmas but not liking them at all is like hating all jelly beans because the orange ones are gross. If you love the Christmas tunes or need a Christmassy soundtrack while you shop, decorate, and otherwise prepare for the holidays, you can stream our all Christmas station anywhere with the free KOOL Christmas app.

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That takes care of your Christmas music needs, but maybe you have a best friend of the canine variety and they don't get into Christmas like you do. There's hope for those puppers too with the newest Christmas release, and first Christmas song specifically for dogs. The songs is Raise The Woof! on YouTube from, and the only thing that makes it a Christmas songs is the sound of sleigh bells in the song. Otherwise it is just a song aimed at getting the attention of your dog. They use squeaky toy sounds, human words of encouragement, dogs barking, and a nice reggae beat in the song. Even humans could dig the tune.

You should test it out on your dogs here in the Magic Valley. See if they react or ignore the Christmas spirit, then you can know if your dog is a Scrooge or not. Of my three dogs, the two small ones dug the song but our big Mastadoodle wasn't interested in all. But to her credit she doesn't listen to us ever so not listening to the song is par for her.

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