Source: WalletHub

UPDATE: The Senate has approved a plan to end the shutdown and extends funding for 3 weeks. Next the House will have to vote to end the shutdown and finally President Trump will have to sign the deal.

The government has shutdown and the majority of us haven't seen anything that would indicate it. I still have to work, my kids are still going to school (no thanks to Mother Nature), I cashed my check at the bank, the prisoners haven't all escaped and caused pandemonium, and the street lights still work.

That doesn't mean the shutdown isn't impacting us though. Obviously D.C. is affected the most. The data map above from WalletHub shows that Idaho is the 19th most affected state. But how?

Idaho is is the top 5 states when it comes to federal business lending, our national parks are affected, the number of children in Idaho covered by the CHIP program, and number of federal jobs are all a part of the shutdown.

So, while we may still not see the impact of the shutdown in our regular day to day - the government shutdown is having an effect on Idaho.

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