Following Monday's approval by the House of Representatives for a temporary spending bill that would fund the government for another three weeks, thousands of government employees across the country are returning to work following the final approval by President Donald Trump.

Yellowstone National Park released information yesterday detailing their implementation of department staff cut backs in the wake of the government shutdown, which began at midnight on January 20, and officially ended this morning. According to the park's website, departments across the board were either short-staffed, or not staffed at all, including security at entrance gates and emergency responders.

Over the weekend, the park made national news when a snowmobiler entered restricted space near the Old Faithful geyser. The lack of staffing--as a result of the government shutdown--has been blamed for the incident, according to the National Parks Traveler.

Yellowstone employs more than 300 park rangers year around, many of whom were effected by the shutdown, according to park service information.

President Trump signed off on the spending bill this morning, which reopened the federal government until at least February 8, ending the three-day shutdown.



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