Driving is one of the most frustrating things there is in the world. It can be your car having problems, traffic, other drivers doing stupid things, the weather, or any other number of things that cause us to hate and complain about being behind the wheel. Traffic in the Magic Valley isn't too bad compared to other places, but most of us find something or two to complain about. When it comes to city driving, there are usually more issues with more people in a close area. Driving through cities and towns can lead to more accidents, more distractions, and more frustration. We all know some cities, such as New York and Los Angeles are terrible to drive in, but what are the best and worst cities to drive through in the United States?

The Best and Worst Cities to Drive In In the United States

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Driving through major cities in this country can often be a burden, especially coming from the Magic Valley where the traffic isn't nearly as populated. There is more traffic, and more lanes, and it is easier to get lost. WalletHub recently released a list of the best and worst cities to drive in and used multiple categories to determine which cities are the best. The main categories taken into account are the cost of ownership and maintenance, traffic and infrastructure, safety, and access to vehicles and maintenance. With all these taken into account, it was determined that Raleigh, North Carolina is the best city to drive in, beating out Plano, Texas at second and Corpus Christi, Texas to round out the top three. Out of 100 cities, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the worst city to drive in, being worse than Detroit, Michigan, and Oakland, California to make up the bottom three.

Is Boise Good to Drive In?

Credit: Alden Skeie on Unsplash
Credit: Alden Skeie on Unsplash

When it comes to driving in Boise, compared to other cities, it is a decent place to drive through. Boise ranks 15 on the list of the best cities to drive through. Boise ranks 35 in cost of ownership and maintenance, 29 in traffic and infrastructure, 13 in safety, and 82 in access to vehicles and maintenance. There isn't nearly the traffic as some of the other major cities in the county and fewer people make it safer to drive through. One interesting note from this list is that Boise ranked as the best city in accident likelihood vs the national average. The next time you are driving through Boise, know the odds of having an accident are less than in any other city you will drive through in America.

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As bad as traffic can be in Twin Falls and the Magic Valley, it beats city driving, but at least the biggest city in the state is one of the best to drive in. The state of Idaho can rest easy knowing driving is not as big of a concern as it is in other places. The rate of accidents is low, the traffic is less than in other places, and overall we can relax a little bit as we visit and drive through Boise and the entire state. Don't drive the coasts if you hate traffic, and take advantage of the open safe roads here. 

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