I won't say that Idaho is the United States version of Canada but people here are rather nice most of the time. Sure, some people will get angry at you while driving but driving anywhere is pretty much like taking an angry pill. Especially in Utah - I hate driving there even though I grew up in Salt Lake City. When we moved here about a decade ago it was refreshing since we had just moved from the extremely busy and not very friendly outskirts of Las Vegas.

We often refer to the nice people and things that happened to us in the first few years of living here. We refer to those as the 'Twin Falls Moments'. One that really got us was when my wife went to the dentist and I had the car and was late picking her up so the receptionist, who she had just met, offered her a ride home. That was so nice and never happened in bigger cities. Idaho is also full of outdoor locations and activities which I believe adds to our ability to be a little more chill and nice than other states. So, how do we really rank against other states and not based on my opinions? Really well.

The travel site Big 7 Travel polled their readers and found that Idaho is the 15th nicest state in the United States. Apparently we have a reputation with their fans of being nice people and genuinely open to strangers (as long as they aren't from California).

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