The teacher who saved the lives of her students at Rigby Middle School does not want money or recognition. She says she appreciates the love and support for her community.

Krista Turnblom Gneiting, the sixth-grade teacher who disarmed the alleged sixth-grade female shooter, shared her thoughts with the world on Facebook.

Her Message

My heart is touched by all the incredible outpouring of love I've received. Thank you. I don't want money, I just appreciate the incredible support of Rigby!!! I love my students so much! It is why I teach!! They make my heart happy every every day!!!! All of the staff at Rigby did their part and kept our wonderful children safe! Thank you! I love you all and we will get through this together.

Although she hasn't spoken publicly on the details of her heroic actions, they have begun to emerge. Her father talked to Fox News via East Idaho News, sharing his conversation with Gneiting on what happened last week.

Details on how the shooter was stopped

Dean Turnblom, Gneiting's Dad, said that his daughter's first concern was getting her students' safety. She directed them to walk/run the 20-30 feet down the hall to the exit. Once her kids were on their way to the high school, she walked down the aisle, finding two of the shot students. She attempted to help them escape, and then she saw the shooter, recalls Turnblom from Fox News.

"When she did – she got blood all over her – she looked up and saw this girl standing across the hallway with the gun," Turnblom said. "So she sat the boy down and told him to be quiet and to be still. And she started walking toward the girl, talking to her very calmly and telling her things would be OK, we just needed to stop and think things through a little bit and just tried to settle her down." 

When Gneiting got close to the suspect, she "put her hand up on the girl’s arm and then just let her [hand] slide down her arm until it got to the gun," Turnblom added. 

"When she touched the gun, the girl let go of the gun and she took the gun and had her other arm around the girl already kind of hugging her," Turnblom told Fox News. 

Go Fund Me for the victims

She believed that she had an angel on her shoulder protecting her during the shooting her father told Fox News.  Her son-in-law has created a Go Fund Me page to help the victims pay for their medical expenses.  You can click the link here.

Organizer Tyler Passey explained his reason for starting the page:

My mother in law, Krista Gneiting, was a significant blessing to Rigby middle school on May 6th. As you may have heard, she was able to assist in ending the shooting by hugging and helping the young girl who was attempting to shoot others. Krista is such an example of love and we admire her courage. Due to many requests, we have agreed to set up a gofundme. If we are able, we will try to put the funds into helping the little girl and others who have been impacted by this, such as students at the middle school. Thank you for your support and kindness! When Krista found out about this she said that the funds will go toward the students impacted. 

Rigby begins its recovery

Fox 13 Utah profiles how Rigby is recovering from the shooting.

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