It is pretty interesting to find out how much we miss as we go along with our lives. There is so much happening around us, and no way to take it all in. I have lived here in Twin Falls for almost 15 years and I'm still learning about new places I need to visit around the city. Over the last two or three years I finally went to the Perrine Coulee Falls and felt brave enough to walk along the Old Towne Rock Creek Parkway. Both those locations were awesome and beautiful.

Has Anyone Been To All The Cool Locations In Twin Falls?

Since there is so much going on around us, and sometimes we don't like to go out of our comfort zone to do new things, there's a chance you may have been living here and missed out on something special. Check out the pictures below and keep a tally to see how many of these locations you have been to in Twin Falls:

How Many Of These Twin Falls Places Have You Been To?

How much adventuring have you done around Twin Falls?

That list is 17 locations around Twin Falls that I think everyone should visit at least once if possible. I know it doesn't cover all the great places and hidden gems. What location would you add to the list that everyone should know about and visit?

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  • Love Locks Fence
  • Perrine Coulee Falls
  • The Perrine Bridge
  • Shoshone Falls
  • Dierkes Lake
  • The Canyon Rim Trail
  • Evel Knievel Jump Site
  • Old Towne Rock Creek Parkway
  • First Federal Park
  • Art Alley
  • Mary Alice Park
  • Candy Cane Park
  • Twin Falls City Park
  • Downtown Commons
  • Centennial Park
  • CSI Tower
  • Orpheum Theater

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