Despite what anyone else might tell you, I am not lazy. I just really enjoy doing nothing. I even have a shirt with that saying on it. My wife makes fun of how I can fall asleep anytime I want to and it doesn't matter where. she started document to weird places I've fallen asleep including the bow of our boat (in our driveway, not on the water), on the dining room floor with a toy Tonka truck as a pillow, and many other places. If I don't have a reason to wake up early on any given day, I don't wake up until 10 or 11 am. That is my normal life and it seems like a lot of people are getting a taste for it as they are forced to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic. And some people are really liking the ability to sleep more.

There is a website dedicated to reviewing mattresses and keeping tabs on how Americans are sleeping. But not in a Santa Claus kind of way or a creepy-dude in a tree kind of way. Sleepopolis has gathered info on how we are sleeping during this pandemic and listed which Idaho cities are best for getting a good night's sleep.

Depending on how you want to interpret the data, Eagle is either the laziest city or the most well-rested in Idaho. Eagle is followed by Hailey and Meridian. Twin Falls came in at lucky number 13 on the list based on a variety of factors which might cause sleepless nights including: job security, obesity, drinking and smoking, mental and physical state, and air quality.

Sleepopolis Twin Falls Badge
Sleepopolis Twin Falls Badge

Have you been sleeping more during the pandemic?

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