This story is going to make me sound and feel super old. I remember during my childhood that watching something on television was special. We didn't watch TV every day. Usually it was just Friday night and then maybe Saturday cartoons. There were exceptions with the occasional mid-week movie if my parents allowed it. But, we didn't ask and didn't expect to have unlimited or daily access to screen time.

Now my kids take out the trash and expect two hours of screen time for their hard work. They rarely go a day without at least a bit of TV time (I know that is on me as their parent). It isn't special anymore - it is expected, and it is getting so much easier to just sit and watch nonstop TV thanks to streaming services. That's why as Idahoans we watch on average, 2:56:41 of television each day. Almost three hours of TV every day!

How Much TV Time In Idaho

And, what are we watching most here in Idaho? According to the Verizon Specials article, Cooking Shows are our favorite. I'm guilty of contributing to that too. I don't just watch Survivor reruns or crazy crime shows. We watch Ace of Cakes, The Great British Baking Show, Cake Boss, and all the Gordon Ramsey shows. But I definitely don't watch three hours worth each day. That honor goes to my kids because as the adult I not only give them screen time for doing chores (we actually don't pay them allowance anymore), I give them screen time so I can get other things done that I need to do.

Do you pay your kids an allowance and still give them free screen time for doing chores?

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