This pandemic has really put a damper on the year. Many vacation plans were cast aside. Many good people lost jobs and many businesses lost amazing employees and customers during the different stages of Rebound Idaho. The coronavirus has also taken many lives, with no regard for age or previous health conditions. The year has been rough. With all of that happening around us it may seem especially hard to be upbeat or find any joy during this holiday season. Even our holiday gatherings are being affected by the pandemic. So, while a chipper attitude and positive outlook may get you through the day, it may still seem impossible to stay strong all the time. And that's OK.

Over the last week I've seen a lot of different moments of joy that I could have easily missed if I hadn't stepped back to enjoy them. I've seen co-workers who I had missed for the last eight months as I worked from home. One of those, Bill, went the extra mile and picked me up some eggnog from the Cloverleaf Creamery. Talk about joy and proof that you don't have to do massive acts of service to make a day bright for someone.. I also saw great things happen in our community that brought me joy.

On Saturday, I was out at Smith's for 60 Hours to Fight Hunger. I was grateful to the volunteers who have been there with me for the last few years, giving their time to help gather food for those in need. People stopped by to buy food, turkeys, and donate turkeys. One of those wonderful people was a lady who had just moved here from California. She shared that her move was due to the loss of her son and a need to get somewhere else. Despite her loss, she shed a tear as she shared her experience, she had a very positive attitude about her future. Also at the event a man stopped by and purchased 20 turkeys to donate. Another woman stopped by with a check for $250 and others donated, possibly less, but what they could. There are good people out there spreading Christmas cheer by their demeanor and actions.

Normally this would be a busy week for us here at the station as we plan for Thanksgiving and then Christmas in the Nighttime Sky. Since the event has been cancelled, it hasn't stopped good people form recognizing that there is still a need for toy donations for kids in the Magic Valley. You can still be part of the gift giving even without the fireworks and bonfires.

There are people out there struggling right now and all of us can do something each day to make their day better. even if you don't know the person you could have a good impact on their day by being a good person. Remember to be kind, look for the joyous moments, and be grateful this holiday season.

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