I don't want this to come off as an ad for McDonald's - but I do love free food and McD's fries are great! So, here's the deal. Many businesses have a mobile app to better serve their customers (even we have one) and with restaurants that usually means either coupons or free food in the palm of your hand!

A friend told me about a few deals with McDonald's so I downloaded their app and did the same for Burger King. I'm a sucker for a deal on food. The Burger King app is pretty sweet because it takes the coupons you normally get in the mail (and then your wife loses in the bottom of her purse) and puts them on your phone so you have them all the time. Plus we all know that those mailers are a waste of our precious trees!

The McDonald's app is similar - EXCEPT - there are ways to get free food along with discount meals and single items! The deals are only good through the app for the rest of the year, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays if you spend $1 you can get a free soda and then on Fridays if you spend $1 you get a free medium fries!

I haven't downloaded apps for other restaurants yet but I'm willing to guess that if your favorite restaurant has an app and you haven't downloaded it yet, you are missing out of some deals! Remember that with Seize The Deal you can get half priced food at local restaurants too.

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