Spring is a beautiful time of year with flowers and trees blooming and it is just about the only time that my lawn is actually green. Not all that green is grass though. 4/20 was Saturday but today we are still going to talk about weed. I bought my house about 10 years ago and I have been battling two types of weeds ever since. My house had sat vacant for a few years before I bought it and the back yard is a half acre of nothing but weeds. So, for at least two years those weeds grew, like weeds. Luckily you can buy 2, 4-D and Gly Star Plus in bulk at D and B. I even wrote about my weed woes a few years ago and debated which is worse between the Bur Buttercup and Goats Head. While I disagree and the poll results, you voted that Goats Head is worse, I hate both of them.

Whichever weed you are bothered by in your yard, remember it is your duty as a Twin Falls resident to (try to) keep the weeds under control. If your noxious weeds get out of hand then you could get a $100 fine from the city. KMVT interviewed a city code enforcer and a resident who had been given a notice to take care of the weeds. I feel for those who receive a notice from the city to take care of the weeds. Those buggers seem grow best on the days when it is too windy or rainy to spray and kill them. I think I got to my spraying too late this year because of the rain and wind. I finally got to spraying last Friday and since then I have seen some positive change in the weeds, but not all of them.

If you are like me and spray the weeds yourself rather than call a company to do it and aren't sure what to do, let me share what I did and whether it worked or not.


In my back yard it is all weeds so I spray everything with Gly Star Plus since that will kill everything. The downside to it is that it takes a few days to show signs that it is working. Since I sprayed on Friday I still haven't seen a real change in any of the weeds. That's expected though since every year it takes about a week for them to die.


I have grass in my front yard along with the inevitable dandelions and random weeds so I had to spray that with 2, 4-d Amine since it won't kill the grass. 2, 4-d is great because you will see results within a day as the weeds start to wilt.


I also decided this year to test the 2, 4-d on some Bur Buttercup since someone made a Facebook comment that it would work. So far it hasn't. 2, 4-d is meant to kill broad leaf plants and that doesn't appear to mean the pesky pointy buggers. So, in my non-professional opinion and experience - if you can kill it all use the Gly Star but if you have to be picky and have grass use the 2, 4-d and then you'll have to pull whatever doesn't die. Good luck!

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