Spring has sprung in Idaho, but even if that doesn’t mean your yard is filled with flowers and green grass yet it does mean that the dangerous weeds have begun to sprout.

Southern Idaho is still reeling from an invasive species Quagga Mussel invasion last year but the current invasive invasion is happening on land.

See These Tiny Yellow Flowers in Your Idaho Yard: Kill Them Now

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There are 2 specific weeds that grow pretty little yellow flowers all around Idaho that are a literal pain. The tire-popping goats head and the currently-blooming Bur Buttercup. Goats Head (also known as Puncturevine or Goat Heads) will begin germinating soon, if they haven’t already. The Bur Buttercup is in full bloom right now and if you haven’t looked around your yard, it may be too late.

The burs start off looking relatively pretty with light green foliage and then small yellow flowers. You have to kill them by that point or the burs will begin forming and you’ll have to either burn the plants or remove them by hand to avoid future problems.

Idaho Weeds: If You See These In Your Yard It Might Be Too Late

A big problem with the Bur Buttercup is when it grows. They begin sprouting in early spring when the weather is windy and rainy. This makes it difficult for those who kill them with spray pesticides since the rain could wash away the poison before it takes effect or the wind could blow it onto other plants, causing damage in unwanted places.

If you have them growing in your yard, it may be too late for a spray herbicide like Roundup (or an equivalent kill all herbicide), but it isn’t too late for a weed burner. If spending time hunched over in your yard picking individual weeds isn’t an appealing option, weed burning is an effective plan. Weed torches attach to a propane tank and use the heat from a flame to eradicate the weeds and their roots. This method does come with hazards as you are using fire, so be careful around homes, animals, and other items you don’t want to burn.

Watch Out For Puncturevine Goats Head Next

While you are looking around your yard for Bur Buttercup weeds, be on the lookout for the much more painful Goats Head. These weeds also start off with a pretty little yellow flower but the plans grow on a vine and can quickly spread across a yard, leaving damaging spiky seeds along the way.

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