Over the weekend I was checking my Facebook page and saw something new. Some people had videos playing as their profile picture instead of just a single shot photo. I assumed it was a new thing that Facebook was pushing out. It isn't. It's been available for at least a year now.

This isn't something that I think I need to have all year long but I can definitely see it having a cool benefit seasonally. Like right now I made mine a video of my kids playing in a pile of leaves for Fall. You could do a Thanksgiving dinner video, Christmas morning or lights, or for Halloween it could be you showing off your costume.

The cool thing is that this feature is available to everyone. The bummer is that you can only do it through the Facebook app on your phone or tablet. Sorry PC only users you can't play.

If you are interested in giving it a try there are a lot of video and how to posts online. Basically do this (I did this on my Android device and I understand it is similar on iOS)

  • Open the Facebook app
  • Tap the menu bar to see your profile
  • Tap your profile picture (there should be a tab that reads edit and a graphic of a camera or video camera)
  • You can choose an existing 7 second video or film a new one
  • If the video you choose is too long it will have you edit it down
  • Hit save and your video will be live for your friends to enjoy

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