I first heard about the hummingbird sanctuary in the South Hills 5 years ago when a friend went there and took video. I have always thought it would be cool to visit because it seems like there are a lot of the little birds that frequent the hanging sugary liquid dispensers. But, I was then told by someone that the sanctuary got closed down. So, I never made it up there. But in a crazy plot twist, it isn't closed down so you can go up and see the hummingbirds. Thanks to whoever the random person was that lied to me years ago. There are even new benches near the hummingbird feeders thanks to a group of Girl Scouts from here in Twin Falls.

These benches were built just a few feet from my house too. A few weeks ago my neighbor was out in his driveway with the girls working on finishing the construction and then torching them to give the benches a cool rustic look. Then, last weekend they took the benches up to the South Hills and placed them near the hummingbird feeders. You could go up and see them now but most of the hummingbirds are gone until the weather warms up again.

The hummingbird sanctuary is actually called Brockman's Hummingbird Feeding Station and is near the Magic Mountain Ski Resort in the South Hills. Take Rogerson Road (across from the ski lodge) and head west for about 9 miles and the feeders are on the left side of the road.

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