The hummingbirds are back in Idaho. In a video posted a few weeks ago by Garden Valley Ranch on YouTube you can see what looks like a swarm of the beautiful buzzing birds.

The owners of the video say that they have to refill their 5 bird feeders twice a day and are using 20 pounds of sugar each week to make the syrupy concoction the birds love. Garden Valley may be a bit too far for most to drive to see the birds feed but we have a hummingbird sanctuary right in our back yard. The South Hills are home to a great family friendly hike to the 'Home of the Hummingbirds'.

I thought the South Hills Hummingbird sanctuary had shut down a few years ago but a coworker told me over the weekend that she went up with her family last week. The drive is about 9 miles from the main road near Magic Mountain. The hummingbird feeders are on the left side of the road.

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