Whatever side you sit on with the constant wolf debates, there are apparently too many wolves now and trappers are needed to kill more of them. You can even get paid for it.

That seems like a pretty sweet deal. You can hunt wolves and get paid up to $1,000 per kill and you get to keep the furs. The Foundation For Wildlife Management claims to be a group dedicated to the control of wolf populations to better protect the elk and moose populations. To be part of this hunt and get reimbursed for your kills you do have to be a member of the F4WM group. Yes, technically you are getting reimbursed for the hunt and not paid like a bounty. Regular Idaho Fish and Game rules still apply. Get full details on their site.

The wolf population is constantly a source of controversy in Idaho. The latest report from the Idaho Fish and Game places the number of wolves currently around 1,000 roaming around Idaho. The topic of wolves is often spoken of while also talking about elk populations and all those stories can get confusing. I'm not an expert on wolves or any type of wildlife, but I do like hunting, so hearing stories about how important the wolf population is to Idaho and then reading that the wolves are ruining our ecosystem seems counter intuitive. We've heard that the wolves are good for keeping down the elk populations. But we also hear that they aren't killing enough elk, too many elk, or other animals they should be leaving alone. Since we are allowed to kill a certain amount of wolves each year and the remaining wolves aren't doing a good enough job at killing elk, humans have to step in and kill more elk so they don't ruin farm lands. But, if the wolf population kills 200 elk it would be a tragedy. Seems like a big circle of wolves, elk, and humans aren't good enough at what they are supposed to be doing. Or something like that.

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