Some of the best things about visits to Yellowstone are the sightings and interactions with the wildlife. You never know what you are going to get. Some people spend days at the park and never see a bear or a wolf and others go for just a weekend and see every animal possible.

Is This Yellowstone Wolf Saying Hello or Leave Me Alone?

A recent YouTube video posted shows a lucky interaction with a Yellowstone wolf. The driver of the vehicle is rolling alongside a lone wolf. The wolf doesn’t seem to care and just jogs along. It actually looks like it could be the dog from your neighbor’s yard out for a stroll. The wolf has an ID and location collar and acknowledges the driver but isn’t phased by the proximity of the human.

Is This Lone Yellowstone Wolf Saying Hello or Leave Me Alone?

At the end of the video, the wolf stops, turns to the car, and lets out a howl before running off. The internet is trying to decide what that howl meant.

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Some people think the Yellowstone wolf was annoyed and saying ‘stop following me’ or ‘leave me alone stupid human. Others think the wolf was saying ‘goodbye’ or ‘thanks for the company during my afternoon jog’.

Do You Think This Yellowstone Wolf is Saying Thank You or Leave Me Alone?

What do you think, based on the interaction between the wolf and human in the video: was the wolf annoyed or having a good time?

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